Countrywide requires the home to be insured by a company with a company rated B+ or better. Countrywide must be listed as the mortgagee and the deductible can’t be more than 1% of the loan. It is the buyer’s job to shop for insurance and make sure Countrywide gets a copy of the policy before closing. We started the loan in February but did not close until September. We were...


Gambling has been a part of our society since the very beginning. As early as ancient people have been dealing with chances and uncertain events in which they will assume that a certain event is most likely to happen than the other. People are enjoying the thrill that they will get when they will be able to correctly guess the out come of a certain event. In these since we can safely say that...

Race Horses and Their History

Race Horses and Their History History tells us that for thousands of years, horse racing flourished as a sport of kings.  The horse racing we know today remains primarily because of the revenue it generates.  After baseball, it is the second more widely attended spectator sport in the United States.  The sport of horse racing is also popular in Ireland, Canada, UK, Western Europe, South America, South Africa...

Playing Online Poker

Playing Online Poker Are you a poker player?  If you are, then maybe you have played in one of the many poker rooms in Vegas.  These rooms give you the opportunity to play with opponents sitting right there at the same table with you.  Poker can also be played online where you won’t have any physical opponents and won’t need to put on your poker face. There won’t be any body language to read as...

General Cheltenham Betting Tips

The Cheltenham Festival and tons of interesting horse races are coming, ladies and gentlemen! It is time for us horse racing fans to start looking into some of the best horses and placing valuable wagers on your favorites. Before you go on and find the best horses to bet on, here are several tips you might want to consider following when you place your Cheltenham Bets. Histories and track records...

Take a look at the World Cup 2010 official football ball

jabulani ball FIFA and UEFA have already used us with a fresh launch of a football ball with the occasion of a final tournament. Keeping the tradition FIFA have unveiled a few weeks ago the officiall ball for the World Cup 2010, hosted by South Africa. Adidas is the manufacturer of the World Cup 2010 official tournament ball. The official presentation was made in December 2009, during the group...

When to play with an Aeropro Drive Cortex tennis racket

The Aeropro Drive Cortex is a professional tennis racket manufactured by Babolat. So, the first selection is made by dividing professional and amateur tennis players. Usually rackets made for amateur tennis players are lighter and have a bigger head size. This is explained by the fact that, in general, amateurs have a lower muscle mass, and need lighter tennis rackets in order to be able to...

When and How to Wear a Sports Jacket

A Sports jacket or sports coat is the perfect solution when you find yourself without any idea about what to wear. A sports jacket can be adapted to a party, a meeting and even on a date.  The sports coat is a basic part of the wardrobe that can be worn at any time. Here are some tips that you can use when piecing together a wardrobe that includes a sports jacket: There are a large number of men...

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